Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Today's Racism: What Exactly has Changed

A small circle of friends, some African-American, some Asian, joke about the stereotypes placed upon each other's race.
A small contingent of white kids join the group. They are friends with the previous group and they try to join in the joke.
But it doesn't work; the white group is still seen as racist.
African Americans, latinos, and asians are seen as completely not racist. But the truth is that some of these people are racist against caucasian people, and they don't even know it. I know this probably sounds like the wrong place to put myself in, but the whole point of this blog is to make my opinions heard. So here it is.
One of my friends is asian, and she only hangs out with people of color. When I'm with her and her friends, i am the only white person there and i feel out of place. I'm sure they talk about me behind my back. It's not that they openly despise people like me, they just don't give us a chance.
They try to act like the suffering of their ancestors is the only thing that matters, like they're special because their pain is known world wide, like they have to stick together, and be mean, and not let us in or it'll happen again.They act like we don't understand pain. White people may not understand the pain inflicted on them because of their race, but we know what pain feels like.The kids in my school act like white people can't feel pain. Like, since we did that in the past, all white people are emotionless. But we're not. I bet 80% of the caucasian race is not racist and we want to be friends with people of every race, because it doesn't matter what your race is, it matters what's inside you.
The kids in my school, and elsewhere, don't seem to see that.
Another thing that people see, is that if you don't like someone's personality, and they're a person of color, you are immediately labled as racist. It is something that doesn't make sense: people of color can make fun of their race without problems. If a white person rcially profiles, they're hated.
But if a person of color does the same thing, everyone laughs, and it's not a problem.
Shouldn't everyone, not just white people, not racially profile?
Some use their race as a way to make white people feel guilty. Some let their race set them apart from everyone else. The world, not just America, needs to realize that racism goes both ways; and then we need try our best to fix it.

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