Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fox TV Show "Glee" Winning over Viewers

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The newest television sensation, "Glee", has taken Fox TV, and its audience by storm introducing us to a series of characters that we grow to love and an underdog story that keeps us coming back for more.
"Glee" is the story of Will Scheuster (Matthew Morrison), who has decided to take over William McKinely High School's Glee Club, where the students dance and sing their hearts out, while also trying to support a wife and "baby" on the way.
In the beginning, he is met with five misfits who are surprisingly some of the best singers in the school. There's Rachel Berry (Lea Michele), whose dreams lie in becoming a star by any means necessary; there's Finn (Cory Montieth), the football star trying to juggle two passions, two girls, and a really tough obligation when he finds out that his popular, cheerleader girlfriend, Quinn Fabray (Dianna Argon), is pregnant. However, the baby is not his, but is really "Puck" Puckerman's (Mark Salling), one of Finn's best friends, who is also in football and Glee Club.
"Glee" is not just the story about a bullied, outcast, high school show choir; it is a story about taking tremendous leaps of fait, falling in long-lasting, high school love, and finding yourself in a sea of people with purpose.
Despite the main setting being high school, people of all ages adore the story line and its morals.
The character profiles give everyone something to relate to, whether its the "outcast" pining after an unavailable crush, the one hiding a secret, or the shy person embarassed by something, ready to overcome it. All of the members of Glee have something to prove to someone, and the audience is always left with the hope that they will prove them all wrong. However, twists and turns in life can happen at any moment, and this story line is the perfect combination of both.
The music is some of the most timeless music, and adds to the show's appeal; featuring recent songs such as Rhianna's "Take a Bow" and Beyonce's "Single Ladies," to songs that have been around for years, including "Don't Stop Believin'," by Journey, and Queen's "Somebody to Love."
The combination of the character's passion (such as Mr. "Sheu's" passion for a dying art and Rachel's extreme desire for stardom), and the unbelievable presentation of the music (appealing to both sight and sound), mix to make a TV show that will surely be around for more than one season.
I recommend this show for anyone who loves a TV show with the perfect mix of love, scandal, and the tough choices that everyone faces, at any age; the perfect teen drama with a twist of humor channeled into one thing that every high school has in common.
"Glee" is on the Fox channel and airs every Wednesday at 8:00 p.m., first recapping the last episode and launching into the new one with immediate interest.
To catch up on what has happ[ened so far on "Glee," visit fox.com, where all of the episodes are available to watch whenever you want.

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