Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Love is Gender-Blind: Opinions on Gay Marriage

Imagine finding the love of your life after having searched your whole life. And then you find out that you cannot be together, because of a law that sees your marriage as disgusting and wrong.
This is the reality for millions of gay, lesbian, and bisexual couples around the nation.
The general definition of marriage is 'the state of being united with a person in a consensual and contractual relationship as recognized by law'. Although this definition states that marriage must be recognized by the law, it does not distinguish if those individuals need to be of the opposite sex.
Only two states allow gay marriage: Massachusettes and Connecticut. This way, those same- sex couples are restricted to these states and is a complete violation of these people's rights as American citizens.A constitutional ammendment has been proposed to define marriage as only between a man and a woman, which would forever, in all states, repress people just because of their chosen sexual orientation.
America is seen as a nation of free expression, with the first ammendment as freedom of speech. Isn't part of this free expression enabling people to make thier own decisions and not have the government stand in the way of them?
This ammendment would completely refute the previous statement and show the nation as a different nation than what is stated in the constitution.
The U.S. as a nation has seen oppression in the past. From African-Americans and slavery, to the immigrants who came over to escape even more horrible oppression. These and everything in between happened because officials in government saw them as different and passed laws against them.
Discriminating against GLBT members, is the same as what happened in the days of slavery. America, as a stronger nation than that time, needs to realize that if the government keeps making these laws against a certain group of people-just because they are different- we will be going down the same path; repeating mistakes that we should have learned by now.
The first step is acceptance, the last step is a passed law.

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