Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pursuing artistic path

In the middle of the steady efficiency of the Photography 2 class, senior Ashley Wood picks up a purple colored pencil to practice hand-coloring one of her latest photos. It is one of the many techniques that she has learned in her eight art classes. But she's not stopping there.
So far, Wood has taken: Sculpture, Design, Ceramics 1 and 2, Drawing and Painting 1 and 2, and Photography 1 and 2. Design, ceramics and photography are among her favorite mediums. "Each one has opened up another art form," Wood said.
Although Wood has experienced many different mediums and techniques, she enjoys colored pencils, oil painting and design. "With such vivd colored pencils, I can draw whatever [I am thinking]. It frees my mind."
Her inspiration comes from her Nana. "[One] influence on me is my Nana, she is amazing at art and she has helped me with a lot of it," Wood said. "My Nana is mainly a painter and she likes to do a lot of sewing and quilting. She likes to make purses and crafty things. My Nana and I are very close; she is one of my favorite people in the world, [and] she is always there for me."
With such an extensive art background, it is no wonder that Wood has been accepted to the Rocky Mountain Institute of Art and Design (RMCAD), one of the highest accredited art and design schools in the region.
"The Rocky Mountain Instiute of Art and Design selectively admits students who have a desire to explore new possibilities, work hard to realize their personal best and who are eager to produce original, innovative work," states the RMCAD websssite, It also states that, althougha variety of criteria are used to make admissions decisions, evidence of a student's passion and potential as an artist or designer, are the most important factors.
Wood said that she is looking forward to attending RCAD because, "the teachers are outgoing, the schedules are flexible and I am going to be able to express myself through art there."
RMCAD offers degrees in: Animation, Art Education, Fine Arts, Game Art, Graphic Design and Interactinve Media, Illustration, and Interior Design. Through RMCAD, Wood hopes to pursue a career as a designer while also working with photography on the side.
Wood, along with her Nana, is excited about RMCAD and what she will be able to accomplish there. Wood said, on ehr feelings about art: "Art is beautiful and can be expressed in many ways. Art is the values of life and it only takes and imaginative mind to create wonders."

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